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The high-tech field considered a professional, fast and competitive area. many entrepreneurs want to quickly reach the summit, run fast and develop a quality product that corresponds to a particular market segment and sell it to a huge company and thereby do a successful exit.
Israel is considered a global leader in the field of start-up development. Outsourced admin services from an external and professional company are an excellent and equivalent solution for working in full-time job. 

Obviously, a full-time employee is expensive and requires many conditions to be held, including a monthly salary, an office furniture – costs that are not a MUST. Not every business can afford these expenses, certainly not small businesses and start-ups which need to reduce costs all the time.
The importance of  managing the human resource while taking care of allthe welfare is extremely important to the success of every business and certainly when it comes to a young business.

Why should I use external companies for admin services?

Companies that provide outsourcing administrative services understand customer needs and provide office services at the customer's offices and remotely, as needed. These services adapted to the needs of the organization and allow the owners and entrepreneurs to invest their fortunes, energies, and knowledge with the important goals of promoting their start-up.

Total Admin  establidshed on 2008.
Over the years TOTAL ADMIN's managed to accompany and support many businesses and projects successfully. Today, the company has an experienced and professional team who is able to offer each customer a custom-Tailored service, according to a specific budget, according to the Organization's needs.

Looking for a professional company to outsource your administration & HR? Total Admin is your address.
Our company specializes in professional accompaniment to hi-tech companies and startups. 

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